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First visit from Tulsa for Willy “Tea” Taylor ….

There is no question that Willy Tea Taylor’s life as a singer/songwriter was predetermined – his role realized the moment he wrote his first song. His inspirations drawn from two separate wells; Living the life of a cattleman’s kid and experiencing true visionaries music like Greg Brown, John Hartford, and Guy Clark. The image of Guy Clark and friends sitting around the kitchen table loaded with ashtrays full of butts, half-smoked cigarettes, food, and booze on one Christmas Eve in 1975 burned into Taylor’s soul. Those guys, swapping songs without pretense, lit Willy Tea’s fire. And ever since, its led purpose with passion – finding a hang by curating relationships through musical friendships that get him closer to his own Clark style kitchen table.

“Taylor is not just a folk singer in his native region but a folk hero, thanks to his homespun charm and the stunning clarity of his songs.” Bandcamp

“Willy Tea Taylor’s music is about healing. It’s about refusing to pass judgment, and willing to give forgiveness and understanding to all. It’s medicine as music.” Saving Country Music

“We can positively certify, that Willy Tea Taylor is a bonafide national treasure.”Glide Magazine

“Willy is a storyteller’s storyteller and weaved a spell during the evening made of stories of his relatives…Can I really be blamed for leaving the concert with a picture of my head of Gandalf riding a moped, waving his sword, beard in the wind?” No Depression