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Don’t miss this rare visit to the northeast by Geraint Watkins and the Mosquitoes. For so many years a keystone of the bands of Nick Lowe, Van Morrison, Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings, Dave Edmunds and countless more, Geraint Watkins is also a revered creator of his own sublime music, much of which has already been perfectly captured in a handful of solo albums.

Attempting to designate a musical category for Watkins is not without its challenges, but the perspicacious Nick Lowe once observed that he could be filed as “the missing link between Paulo Conte and Howling Wolf”. Another beacon of taste – Bob Dylan – proclaimed himself a fan by playing two solo cuts on his Theme Time Radio Hour saying (without a hint of irony) that “Geraint Watkins is my favourite English piano player.” There you have it … high praise indeed.

The Mosquitoes features Geraint on vocals, keyboards and accordion; Martin Winning, sax and clarinet; Oliver darling, guitar, vocals; Paul Riley, bass; Malcolm Mills , drums.

Support will be Archie Brown & Pat Rafferty – our own Dan Penn/Spooner Oldham