We saw young Austin Texas alt – country songstress Carson Mc Hone playing at SXSW 18 this year & were knocked out. She has a certain something that sparkles & shines. So were very happy to announce that she will be here Sat 9th Feb @ Studio In Live Theatre. Support will be another young country songstress Martha L Healy from sunny Glasgow. Here’s a good link to Carson’s uk tour & thoughts – link

Talking of Glasgow we have an top up & coming songster Finday Napier here on March. Were excited….
“Findlay Napier is an insurgent talent that comes on like a Caledonian Loudon Wainwright. Distilled to artful acoustic guitar and Napier’s remarkable voice his most recent album ‘Glasgow’ captures the timeless essence of one of the world’s great cities”
He’s coming with another great young talent Megan Henwood
“If ever an artist called on the elements in her songwriting, it’s Megan Henwood. The distinguished English singer-songwriter is far too self-deprecating to describe herself as a force of nature, but her third album ‘River’ reaffirms her unique ability to create roots music of beguiling purity from what’s around her”.

Its Sat 9th March @ Studio in Live Theatre