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Cosmic Country from Toronto Canada
(She is also in Daniel Romano Band, & a friend of The Sadies)

Julianna Riolino’s new album ‘All Blue’ feels wonderfully out of time: The Toronto alt-country musician’s solo debut sounds like Dolly Parton hanging out in Laurel Canyon in 1972. Riolino layers and harmonizes her voice, the most fine of tuned instrument’s until it sounds as big as your feelings for a long-lost love. However, Riolino’s flavour of country is more cosmic than traditional; like fellow troubadours Tobacco City and Daniel Romano, Riolino is a member of his band the Outfit, she also invokes a starry-eyed ’60s folk sensibility without appearing overtly nostalgic.

A rare outing from Nicky Rushton (Mush Collective/And All Because) solo playing like PJ Harvey, as the special opener, seems very adpt for the occasion.